16in x 20in Wabi Sabi Commission. You are able to request colors and flowers you would like in the painting or you can also give me the creative freedom to create something randomly from my imagination just for you. (The photo is an example of a commission for a collector who requested me to create a Wabi Sabi using pastel colors.) Once you pay for your commission I will send you an email to go over details for your painting. (Larger sizes for commissions also available) 

If you have any questions you can email me at albertgonzalesart@gmail.com

Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy which can be
translated to the idea of embracing the beauty of the
imperfect, or in simple terms, perfectly imperfect. Through
my art, I translate that philosophy by abstracting the
flowers I paint. I create these non-anatomically correct
flowers to stand as a symbol meaning we are the flower.
We all have our own imperfections or insecurities.

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